A Psychedelic Point of View ~ Terence McKenna

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A Psychedelic Point of View ~ Terence McKenna

“This the final session of a month long workshop that Terence McKenna led in June of 1989 . While he again covers a wide range of topics, this is one of his more impassioned talks, and it remains right on point in today’s world. One of his more interesting raps is his take on what he calls the priesthood of science and promotes instead a psychedelic point of view, which he defines as: “A psychedelic point of view means a point of view which honors consciousness.” And for those of us who are constantly trying to better understand the cosmos he has these words of wisdom: “You do not measure the depth of a universal mystery with the neural network of a primate. Our role is not to understand but to appreciate.”

(All quotations are by Terence McKenna )

“This is a very central part of the psychedelic attitude toward the world, to entertain all possibilities but to never commit to belief. Belief always being seen as a kind of trap, because if you belief something you are forever precluded from believing its opposite..”

“In a sense, sexuality is the built-in psychedelic experience that only a very few people manage to evade.”

“Eros is an ego-overwhelming, boundary dissolving, breakthrough creating force scripted into human life that is pretty intrinsically psychedelic.”

“One of the core elements of this psychedelic thing is freedom, on the broadest scale.”

“Nothing is as boundary dissolving, except for psychedelic compounds, as travel. Travel is up there.”

“I have nothing but scorn for all weird ideas other than my own.”

“Without an understanding and a familiarity of the psychedelic experience you should be sued for fraud if you’re practicing psychotherapy.”

“The archaic revival is an invitation to historical humanity to view itself as a kind of a prodigal son.”

“What the psychedelics are for us as a species, rather than for each one of us as an individual, what they are for us as a species is an enzyme that catalyzes the language-making capacity.”

Quotes provided by: www.matrixmasters.net/salon
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