A World Without Money – By Gary Lite (Extended)

A World Without Money

By Gary Lite

In this beautiful vibrant planet earth that we share and call home, full of life, mystery and amazement, yet nature and the human race also share a dark side.

From tornados, hurricanes, landslides, earthquakes, and money… the root of all evil.

Though we can’t really do much about nature itself, that I am aware of, we can definitely do something about the money part.

With money comes greed, through greed comes jealousy, with jealousy comes envy, through envy comes lust, and so on… A vicious continuous cycle that never ends and only gets worst in time.

Good people act under pressure when their lives are on the line and sometimes do bad things when there back is against the wall when they are trying to survive.

For example: Lets look at Syria, this country has so many economic sanctions on them that they can barely make any money outside of their country to support and feed their family’s.

As a result, the men are sometimes forced to join radical groups such as ISIS.

Economic sanctions are commercial and financial penalties applied by one or more countries against a targeted country, group, or individual.

They are being put in a situation that would come from our worst nightmares. Just imagine waking up one morning and your country was literally under attack by missile explosions and gun fire everywhere.

So much has been destroyed already. Thousands of lives lost, families torn apart from war and the people are understandably scared for their lives and want to see a peaceful change.

This is still happening in a few countries in our planet today. Countries that fail to agree over power and control.

The truth is that these individuals were hired by we the people to run our governments and should be ashamed of themselves for the way in which they operate our planet, using military force, blackmail, and all kinds of other greedy selfish tactics to get things done there way.

It seems to me that the highest paying jobs are given to those on the inside pocket of corporate control. Those who will do as you ask them to for a little cash on the side. Or even fraternity brothers and sisters, masons helping other masons, and so on.

With so much conflicting information coming from official, and alternative media sources these days about pretty much everything, it would be impossible to ever see eye to eye on reporting truth in our news outlets.

As long as money circulates on this planet, we are always going to have bribery and greed. Some people just can’t help themselves but to take a little extra on the side, or sometimes their lives are being threatened, and they really don’t have much choice.

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