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Adam and Eve as polarized energy are represented in the ancient symbol of the Caduceus, associated to the Greek God Hermes. The symbol of the Caduceus is visible in the records of many ancient cultures. From around the world.
The 2 serpents symbolize the masculine and feminine energy channels that wind up the spinal column. They are energetic, not physical. There root is Yesod, the foundation, the sexual organs, and they are fed by the sexual energy.
These 2 channels of energy are called Ida and Pingala in Sanskrit and in esoteric Christianity, they are called Adam and Eve. The two serpents wind up the spinal column of the physical body. The spine is often symbolized by a staff or a rod. The spine is the staff of the master, and the central column of the human temple.
The column stands upon the foundation stone, The Yesod, the sexual energy. The spine has 33 vertebrae, symbolized by the life of Jesus and by the 33 degrees of the Freemasons.
On either side of this rod, the spinal column, are two serpents.
Pingala is the masculine aspect = Adam (Solar)
Eda is the feminine aspect = Eve (Lunar)
Man is the active force, the reflection of God the father. Woman as the receptive force, the reflection of God, the mother, and sex as the force that brings them together.
These are the 3 forces that give rise to all of creation, and this is the foundation of the universal symbol of the Trinity.
In Christian tradition, it is called Father, Son, Holly Spirit.
In Jewish tradition, it is called Kether, Chokmah, Binah.
In Hindu tradition, it is called Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.
In Egyptian tradition, it is called Osiris, Horus, Isis.
The trinity is a unity of 3, three that express as one. But in order to create, this one divides itself in 2, Male and Female.
This is the mystery of the Holly Spirit, the fire of God.
Symbolized in India as Shiva, Shakti, the creative and destructive power of God.
The force that powers all of creation on all levels of existence is sexual energy. Sexual energy is symbolized by fire, by water, and by light. The sexual Fire is the power of creation.
In the tradition of Alchemy, the sexual energy is symbolized by Mercury. All of life, is born of the sexual waters. The power of creation, harnessing the force of that electric energy implies a great responsibility.

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