All Creatures Great and Smart

Does your dog really think and feel like a human? Do our closest primate relatives have brains and emotions similar to ours? What about the storied intelligence of dolphins and singing humpback whales? And do other species hold surprises for us if we’re willing to look closely? What can we learn from pin-sized brains that can count, categorize, and hold a grudge against those who’ve tried to swat them? When one examines the current research, some lines between “animal” and “human” become fuzzy. Join leading scientists from different disciplines—Brian Hare, Vanessa Woods, Jeremy Niven, Patrick Hof, and Klaus Zuberbühler—whose research is challenging long-held assumptions about where to draw many of these lines.

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Original Program Date: June 5, 2010
MODERATOR: Jad Abumrad
PARTICIPANTS: Brian Hare, Jeremy Niven, Klaus Zuberbühler, Vanessa Woods, Patrick R. Hof

Jad Abumrad Introduction. 00:00

Participant Introductions. 02:24

Is there any evidence that we have animal behavior all wrong? 04:30

Can our close relatives share like us? 06:49

Why would you share food? 08:44

Who has ever heard of Bonobos? 10:00

Studding our relatives in their natural habitat. 17:54

How monkeys detect danger from sound. 28:20

Why do we have such big brains? 35:25

Why measure insects to determine traits? 42:27

What do spindle cells mean to humans? 52:05

Brains size vs function. 58:20

Bring in the Creatures. 01:03:25

Sammy has to find the food. 01:09:00

Bella shorter nose better vision. 01:11:35

Molly shows restraint. 01:15:00

Georgie shows NO restraint. 01:17:00
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