ANCIENT HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE – What do Halos Really Represent? – (Without Music)

ANCIENT HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE – What do Halos Really Represent?

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Throughout history all of our libraries containing knowledge of the ancient world were destroyed but the secrets in the art that they left behind tell us another story.

(”The Pyramid Code” documentary) Our human history as we were taught is far from the truth. It is undeniable with new archaeological finds along with existing ancient texts, we are now able to make a clearer connection of what the ancients were trying to telling us in their encoded art and texts.

Which enable us to uncover the truth of who we really are and our capabilities. In fact if you search deep enough you will find that all religions have a universal truth.

This truth is governed by the 7 Hermetic laws of the Universe and bestow the fact that our “bodies” are the temple to freeing this knowledge within each and everyone of us. Which is what all spiritual icons preached.

This knowledge is encoded in texts and in art like Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”, Renaissance and Alchemical drawings, the 7 sefirot in the Kabbalah tree of life, 7 steps of Jacob’s ladder, 7 gateways to heaven, 7 sins and the 7 Rays.

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