Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? ~ Jim Elvidge

Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? ~ Jim Elvidge

March 13,2008

Jim Elvidge author of “The Universe Solved” discusses the possibility that our reality (the universe) is programmed or that we’re living in a simulation. Is the concept of the Matrix possible? If we’re not in a simulation then how far away are we from creating our own simulated reality?

Jim Elvidge Bio
An expert in complex computational systems, with over 20 years of research in cosmology, quantum mechanics, philosophy, anomalies, and futurism, Jim Elvidge presents a theory of reality so perfect, so powerful, that it explains all known scientific and cultural anomalies. Why is the universe so perfectly designed to support life and matter? Why does life feel like it is accelerating? Why do people see UFOs? Is there life after death?

“So I would have to conclude that we are not biological willing participants but rather spiritual entities occupying an advanced machine somewhere in the universe” Jim Elvidge

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