Astronaut Diary: Life in Space

Astronauts who’ve lived on the International Space Station and “walked” in space tell all: what it’s like to ride on a space ship, and to eat, sleep, exercise, and even do science—in space. Hear firsthand from the world’s most intrepid explorers—including astronauts Tracy Caldwell Dyson, Leland Melvin, and Sandra Magnus—and Dava Newman, designer of an innovative spacewalking suit, about what it’s like to soar upward and leave our home, planet Earth, behind. Journalist Miles O’Brien moderates.

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Original Program Date: June 6, 2010
MODERATOR: Miles O’Brien
PARTICIPANTS: Dava Newman, Leland Melvin, Sandra Magnus, Tracy Caldwell Dyson

Miles O’Brien Introduction 00:12

Tracy Caldwell Dyson on living in space. 03:22

Tracy Caldwell Dyson LIVE from space. 06:04

Astronaut Introductions 12:58

Leland Melvin on how I became an astronaut. 15:45

How water works in space. 23:00

How do you use the bathroom in space. 27:58

The space station bringing people together. 39:24

Who would like to go to mars? 42:27

Artificial gravity 49:24

The modern space suit. 51:06

How do you keep all the stuff down? 54:45

Are there aliens in space? 55:08

Do you take any animals up to space? 55:28

What is it like to be back on earth after space? 56:00

What happens to the garbage on the ISS? 57:37

Can you do sports in space. 58:16

What was your favorite experiment in space? 59:10

Whats the funnest thing to do in space? 59:50

Can animals adjust to space? 1:00:30

How do you scratch your nose in space? 01:01:32

How does a person become an astronaut? 01:03:47

Study what you love doing. 01:04:40
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