Black Holes and Holographic Worlds

Black holes are gravitational behemoths that dramatically twist space and time. Recently, they’ve also pointed researchers to a remarkable proposal—that everything we see may be akin to a hologram. Alan Alda joins Kip Thorne, Robbert Dijkgraaf and other renowned researchers on an odyssey through one of nature’s most spectacular creations, and learn how they are leading scientists to rewrite the rules of reality.

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Original Program Date: June 3, 2010
PARTICIPANTS: Andrew Hamilton, Kip S. Thorne, Raphael Bousso, Robbert Dijkgraaf

Brian Greene’s Introduction with Stephen Hawking. 00:00

Robbert Dijkgraaf talks about black holes.. 01:45

Participant Introductions with Alan Alda 09:19

Einsteins law of time warps. 15:08

Where black holes around when the universe was forming? 19:50

Hawking radiation is it coming from the black hole or off the black hole. 27:09

How are black holes formed at subatomic levels? 38:05

What does a black hole look like? 43:56

The panel travels into the black hole. 50:43

What you would see if you entered a black hole. 58:45

Space falls faster than light. 01:05:30

What is a hologram. 01:11:40

Black holes and information loss. 01:15:12

How much information can a black hole store? 01:23:30
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