Brown Landone The Vivid Imaging Technique

Vivid imaging is the key to making a project successful. Imaging something in the its true flow and process not in stillness but in living movement followed by idealized doing. Taking action and idealizing the actions you take. Idealizing the process always succeeds. It is a guarantee of success.

Every great industry which has ever been made successful, every railroad ever built, every invention ever conceived—resulted from vivid imaging. On the one hand, worlds of ideas—affirmed and visioned— lead only to failure. On the other, every man, who has succeeded greatly, first vividly imaged and idealized that which he intended to do. Vivid imaging compels you to recognize differences. Men who become great successes, make decisions because of differences, not because of likenesses! Think vividly, perceive differences, and succeed!

And vivid imaging prevents mistakes in thinking. You made a mistake in buying that suit last month, because you thought that the suit possessed certain qualities which it does not possess. You were a failure in making that purchase. You failed (1) because you thought that suit possessed qualities like the qualities you wished it to possess, and (2) you thought it possessed those qualities because you failed to think in images vivid enough to note how it differed from what you wished to buy.

Men, who become great successes, make decisions because of differences, not because of likenesses.

Do likewise, and be successful. It is so easy to perceive likenesses. It is the lowest kind of mind action. It is not complete. It leads to mistakes. It leads to failure, because it is due to thinking in ideas instead of vivid images. Qualities of likeness may attract you, but only vivid imaging of differences leads you to decide wisely and prevent mistakes.

Brown Landone was an Influential New Thought and metaphysical Leader. Dr. Landone was also prolific writer, authoring more than 100 books, covering such subjects as Leadership, Civilization, Peace and Religion.

This is Brown Landone’s discussion of vivid imaging and combining it with idealized doing. This is unique way of looking at this process and will really add to you tools of reality creation.

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