Carlos Castaneda – The Shadows' World

In two previous episodes we have explored the Art Of Dreaming By Carlos Castaneda a fascinating book discussing the art of lucid dreaming. In previous episodes we have discussed the inorganic beings and the assemblage point.

The Art of Dreaming describes the steps needed to master the control and consciousness of dreams. The Toltecs of Don Juan Matus’ lineage believed that there are seven barriers to awareness, which they termed The Seven Gates of Dreaming. In The Art of Dreaming Castaneda describes extensively how a state called Total Awareness can be achieved by means of dreaming.

According to Castaneda there are 7 Gates of Dreaming, or obstacles to awareness, which when overcome yield total awareness. Four of the Gates of Dreaming are discussed in The Art of Dreaming. What follows is not so much a technique in achieving lucidity, but rather the practical application of lucid dreaming. By acting a certain way while dreaming, one can cause psychosomatic changes in one’s being, including an alternate way of dying.

Here we get an introduction to Castaneda’s journey in lucid dreaming into the shadow world

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