Cells To Silicon: Your Brain In 2050

At present, our brains are mostly dependent on all the stuff below the neck to turn thought into action. But advances in neuroscience are making it easier than ever to hook machines up to minds. See neuroscientists John Donoghue and Sheila Nirenberg, computer scientist Michel Maharbiz, and psychologist Gary Marcus discuss the cutting edge of brain-machine interactions in “Cells to Silicon: Your Brain in 2050,” part of the Big Ideas series at the 2014 World Science Festival.

This program is part of the Big Ideas Series, made possible with support from the John Templeton Foundation.

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Original Program date: May 29, 2014
Host: Robert Krulwich
Participants: Gary Marcus, John Donoghue, Sheila Nirenberg, Michel M. Maharbiz

Robert Krulwich’s Introduction. 00:11

Participant Introductions. 2:00

Taking a drink when you are totally paralyzed. 4:10

How many neurons would we need to do this action normally? 9:24

What are the sounds we are hearing from the brain? 13:02

What is the Jennifer Aniston cell? 14:50

Facial recognition and why we can’t recognize people. 21:16

Is there a less invasive way to read and control the brain? 27:12

In the next 20 years how will machines become a native speaker? 33:22

The brain has it’s own math and our interpretation. 43:18

Is joy or love a mathematical equation? 49:35

Drugs are the first prosthetics. 54:50

Making a copy of yourself and moving into a machine. 59:20

Physically reacting before your brain has a chance to know it. 1:05:22

Does the implant technology give any feeling back? 1:10:09

At what point do humans become bionic? 1:11:40

Can the technology being implanted be hacked? 1:13:40

Is the brain guessing what happens before it happens can the technology do this as well? 1:15:26

do we have the computational technology to replicate the consciousness? 1:17:53

Will we evolve into the mechanics? 1:18:50
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