Coming to Grips With Gravity

The mysteries of dark matter and dark energy may be evidence that we don’t fully understand the force of gravity. But when it comes to a force that has been studied mathematically and probed observationally for hundreds of years, what do we still need to learn? What questions are being asked? What research is pursued at the cutting edge? Would a new theory of gravity lead to a grand revolution in science, or do our present theories just need to be tweaked?

This program is part of the Big Ideas Series, made possible with support from the John Templeton Foundation.

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Original program date: June 4, 2016
MODERATOR: Richard Panek
PARTICIPANTS: Pedro Ferreira, David Gross, Szabolcs Marka, Rachel A Rosen, Maria Spiropulu

Richard Panek Introduction 00:07

What is gravity? 2:39

A brief history of gravity 5:50

Space is fluctuating 14:22

Einstein and his equations 18:50

What changes in the 60’s for science 24:39

Science and it’s social development 34:19

How does dark matter fit in to gravity? 36:00

Why does dark energy get invoked in gravity? 48:00

Experimenters don’t care? 58:10

What other phenomenon can create gravitational waves? 1:03:35

Black holes are amazing 1:11:01

Do all quantum mechanical process take place in space time? 1:18:26

What are your thoughts on a warp drive? 1:21:50

Does dark energy relate to dark matter? 1:22:59
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