Dad ~ A Poem By Carlis Rowe


A Poem By Carlis Rowe

Who am I to believe that time has no say in the order at display?

Who am I to go against the influence of the order at display as time has all say?

I am a king with no kingdom. I am a king with only wisdom. Wise to not indulge in their activities.

Wise to lose all standing my grounds behind boundaries.

Is this wisdom or madness?

Is this a victory for I feel sadness?

I am shy of words to express to my son.

I am shy of words to express as tears were quick to run.

The intangible is everywhere as I am so near.

The intangible is so near as I am nowhere.

I had to let you go for my knowledge of who we are is not welcome in this time.

I had to let you go for my belief of who we are comes off the tongue like lime.

Be not different from your surroundings.

Be not like me and question the existence of all the holdings.

Submit to your mother and the system presented.

Submit to the shackles and be your greatest warden as expected.

This is my letter to you for questioning is of our nature.

This is my letter to you for seeking should not be the answer.

Choose a religion and love a god. Read their books and be fished by their rod.

Do not I repeat do not be like your father and fight these shackles.

The price to pay will be so great as you are sharing for years as I crackled.

Just be what you were programmed to be.

Just see what they want you to see.

Your mother is a great woman who shared so much with me.

Sadly, we were not able to be. I will write books of my journey’s.

I will express all that I cannot express with words in my novels hoping to comfort your worries.

Seek not my tangible form.

For we will always be connected finding self when cold eternally covers the warm.

This I wish for you to read when you are of age to understand.

This I wish for you to read when you are grown into a man.

Love always. DAD
By Carlis Rowe

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