Echoes From The Beginning: A Journey Through Space And Time

In what many call a “golden age of cosmology”, astronomers can now observe the universe with unprecedented precision, resulting in spectacular progress in the search for the origin of the universe. Yet, for all the impressive progress, fundamental questions remain. What is the mysterious “dark energy” driving space to rapidly expand? What existed before the big bang? Is there an origin of time? Do we live in a multiverse?

Our audience joined Science Friday’s Ira Flatow in conversation with leading cosmologists Lawrence Krauss, Paul Steinhardt, and Lyman Page, and historian of science Helge Kragh as they discussed and debated new advances that are shaping our understanding of the cosmic order and our place within it.

This program is part of the Big Ideas Series, made possible with support from the John Templeton Foundation.

The World Science Festival gathers great minds in science and the arts to produce live and digital content that allows a broad general audience to engage with scientific discoveries. Our mission is to cultivate a general public informed by science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and prepared to engage with its implications for the future.
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Original Program Date: May 29, 2008
PARTICIPANTS: Helge Kragh, Lawrence Krauss, Lyman Page, Paul Steinhardt

Lawrence Krauss gives an overview of the universe. 00:22

Participant Introductions. 33:00

Alternative theories to the big bang. 34:36

The most amazing change in cosmology in the last 20 years. 42:00

Where did we all come from? 47:32

The explanation of the CMB. 51:55

Why do we think there is a multiverse? 56:57

The fine tuning of inflation of space. 01:05:05

expanding on the Anthropic Principle. 01:06:24

If the universe is expanding will it reach the speed of light? 01:15:34
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