Gnostics 1/4 – Knowledge of the Heart

Gnostics 1/4 – Knowledge of the Heart –
Gnostics 2/4 – Cathars, the True Christians –
Gnostics 3/4 – The Divinity of Man –
Gnostics 4/4 – Crack in the Universe –

“In 1945 an Egyptian peasant discovered a collection of early Christian scriptures – the Nag Hammadi Codices, which revealed the existence of a Gnostic version of Christianity. Gnostics (derived from the Greek word gnosis – meaning `knowledge’) felt that they could get to know God, and their own soul, going a step beyond faith. Their message, and the words of the `Gnostic Gospels’ were buried in the sand of the Egyptian desert. Some scholars now believe these scriptures to be just as authentic, if not more so, than the books we collectively know as the New Testament.”
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