Guided Meditation Riding The Starship Infinity To The Great Central Pyramid

Welcome to the starship infinity

This special journey was prepared for you prior to your incarnation. This will take you to the great central pyramid, the largest pyramid in the galaxy and here you will heal, activate your DNA, and enter into the 4th density /fifth dimension.

Make sure to check out the music only edition of this meditation to further connect to these energies.

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Finale Music By Mettaverse

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Full Music Playlist
0:00 Brown Noise Space – Fizzonaut
6:04 Crystalimbic (Beta Waves) – Syntropy
9:17 Outer Space – Kikoro
11:13 REM Ember (Delta Waves) – Ookean
14:25 Guided Towards REM – Automatic Sensations
18:00 Balance – Amaranth Cove
21:03 Dark Turns To Light – Hampus Naeselius
25:54 Engine Room Breeze – Hawea
26:35 Rise To Be Your Hero – Hampus Naeselius
30:28 Etyde in Gamma – Joseph Beg
33:54 Future Unknown – Dream Cave
35:57 Divinity – Christopher Mor Ditlevsen
38:47 Radio Nights – Curved Mirror
44:31 Appeased Soundscape 11 – Augus Wilelmsson
46:32 Beyond Gravity – Spirit Of Our Dreams
49:39 Android Dreamscape – Joseph Beg
54:46 Mettaverse – Star Wanderers


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