Hacking the Technogenic System (by Vadim Zeland) Reality Transurfing Tv

Hacking the Technogenic System (by Vadim Zeland) I Reality Transurfing

1) If you do not possess any distinct qualities or talents whatsoever, then you have no other choice but to go out of context and allow yourself to become unique.

2) In your hands is the mechanism of emancipation that we simplify for you here in this book, you can create for yourself the world you want. Your mental powers will rise and your creative reserve will flow until it reaches the level of genius. There will be no obstacles for achieving your goals, and the gates of reality will open in front of you.

3) Respected reader: In your hands is a book created by the force, and I am not the one who wrote it, rather IT is the one which imposed itself through me and pulled me towards it, and I can confirm this with certainty, first because I originally did not have the energy to write this on my own accord and secondly, without the support of the force all my effort would have been pointless.

4) The discussion here is not about the ecology of the environment. Rather, there is another problem that is no less dangerous, because it has not yet been fully evident, a problem that carries with it a threat to the most precious thing that a person has, which is his freedom and independence as an individual being. It is a matter of the ecology of the soul, WHICH incomprehensibly, does not seem to interest anyone? The interest is directed towards secondary issues of no importance, while the world changes from the other side, which is the hidden and invisible side and with astonishing acceleration. It may seem that nothing changes at all, but in fact something is going on.

5 ) Sit at your workplace and never leave it, stay inside your cell, press the buttons, as required. Make good of the cosmic system, use whatever it gives you. Commit to the Pendulum Rule: Do as I do. Adhere to the principle of social incubation: if all of them behave in this manner, then that means that this is correct. Never think and get out of the grand total queue. But the most important thing is to always stay in touch, on the network. Stay in the common system, do not leave the necessary equipment. Absorb the incoming stream of information. Participate in the shouting choir and the public barking, so that they always repeat the echoes of the Web, and in turn, turn into an integral part of it. Do not think and do not tire your head. They tell you everything and display it in front of your eyes. You only have to learn how to shriek and bark the instinctive barking itself, and form in yourself the necessary and recognized responses to barking in the necessary place, whether with a mouse button, a shopping cart, or a statement of options. And when the hour comes get ready to file your place in the necessary columns.

6 ) Now imagine a different picture: your consciousness is liberated and clear. Your energy is higher than the energy of others. You no longer think as everyone else does, nor do what everyone else is doing. You got out of the column, but you didn’t leave it. You pretended you were asleep while you were awake. So you see very clearly that all around you are asleep, but you are awake. If you see very clearly that all around you are asleep, as for you, you are completely awake. Whoever gets out of the queue gets the preference.

7) When you get rid of the restrictions and conditions imposed by the cosmic system on you, it appears in front of you an opportunity to take revenge on it because they hypnotized your personality. You are unique, and now you are free, and it is an extremely wonderful privilege, which is why it is best to take advantage of this privilege.
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