Hallucinations with Oliver Sacks

Famed neurologist Oliver Sacks joined award-winning journalist John Hockenberry to discuss Sacks’ latest book, which explores the bewitching and surreal world of hallucinations. The conversation canvassed the rich cultural history and contemporary science of the hallucinatory experience, and also touched on Sacks’ own early psychedelic forays that helped convince him to dedicate his life to neurology and to write about the myriad riddles of the human mind.

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Original Program Date: Nov. 09, 2012
Featuring Neurologist, Author Oliver Sacks with Journalist John Hockenberry Moderating

True Stories of Hallucinations 00:00

John Hockenberry’s Introduction 3:52

Welcome Oliver Sacks 8:33

What do we think a hallucination is in the brain? 9:53

Hallucinations are real due to location in the brain? 12:26

Are hallucinations a dysfunction? 15:24

The aura period of a migraine. 22:07

What is Anton syndrome? 25:08

What about hallucinations that are not visible? 30:44

A shot of amphetamine with an LSD chaser and a spot of cannabis. 34:50

What have observations of hallucinations taught you? 38:17

Is there an evolutionary advantage to being able to hallucinate? 45:30

Neil DeGrasse Tyson asks… If we could cure hallucinations should we? 51:00

What are your thoughts on the demonetization of hallucinogenic substances? 57:30

Where do we go from here with the study of hallucinations? 1:00:49

Synthesia vs hallucinations. 1:06:00

How do hallucinations relate to dreaming? 1:11:11
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