Hazelwood Trialogue: Part 2 ~ Homing Pigeons (Terence McKenna, R. Sheldrake, R. Abraham)


Hazelwood Trialogue: Part 2 – Homing Pigeons

Terence McKenna, Rupert Sheldrake, Ralph Abraham

Hazelwood, Devon, England, June 1993
How do homing pigeons find their way home? All theories attempting to explain this phenomenon have failed. More unexplained biological mysteries. Do animals and humans have senses or powers unacknowledged by science? What are the implications of these powers? Rupert’s proposed experiment with a mobile pigeon loft. Pigeon racing. Ralph’s visual theory and the elastic band theory. A quantum mechanical perspective on these forces. Why have humans lost contact with such powers? New domains of quantum mechanical biology. To what degree is the assumption that the future is unknowable an artefact of culture and language?

A new understanding of time. How do animals communicate? The sixth sense is a social field phenomenon. Could human problems be linked with our disconnection from this field? The need to go beyond language. Entering the atemporal sphere through assimilating animal understanding. Terence’s understanding of animal magic as a hyperdimensional perception of the future. Speaking in tongues. Questions and answers: How our languages affect our view of the world. Animal teachers. Recognising science’s blindness to such astonishing natural powers. The large-scale implications of Bell’s theorem.

The Second in a series of 5 parts, I’ve posted this trialogue before (www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9_d1OSV9Zo) but this version is taken from a different source (www.sheldrake.org/) and adds an extra 45mins to the total running time. These are presented as they were found on Rupert’s site and taken from the 32kps mp3 files there. If you are precious about sound quality, this is probably not for you.

Image: Homing Pigeons
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