How to Control your Mind, Anxiety and Stress ~ By: Dr. Joe Dispenza

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How to control your mind, Anxiety and Stress

By: Dr. Joe Dispenza

Many of us in our modern world today have to deal with pressure, emotional stress, and anxiety like never before. This feeling of anxiety can prevent us from reaching our goals, dreams and building positive relationships with the people around us.

Some of us wake up in the morning, and we think about our problems. Those problems are circuits, memories in the brain. Each one of those memories are connected to people and events that happened in our lives at certain times and places.

If the brain is a record of the past…. The moment they start their day, they’re already thinking of the past.

Each one of those memories has an emotion. Emotions are the end product of past experiences. The moment they recall those memories of their problems, they all of the sudden feel unhappy, sad, or they feel pain again.

How you think and feel creates your state of being. The person’s entire state of being, when they start their day is in the past.

What does that mean?

The familiar past will sooner or later be the predictable future. So if you believe that your thoughts have something to do with your destiny and you can’t think greater than how you feel, or feelings have become the means of thinking by the very definition of emotions, you’re thinking in the past and for the most part you’re going to keep creating the same life.

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