How to Meditate your Way to Happiness

How to Meditate your way to Happiness

This Presentation will guide us to lead a Relaxed, Balanced, Serene, Peaceful, Harmonious and Happy day to day Life.
It will give an overview of
(1) An Introduction to Happiness
(2) How we are experiencing Happiness
(3) Changing our Mind set up for Happiness
(4) Simplified Practice for Happiness
(5) A Subjective Experience of Happiness By listening to this Program regularly, preferably before going to sleep, we will definitely go to a Relaxed (Alpha) state of the Mind, resulting in a Radical Positive Change at the Subtle level of our Consciousness, enabling us to Experience and Enjoy Relaxation, Serenity, Peace, Harmony, Wellbeing and a Flow Experience of Everlasting Happiness in our Life in the days to come.

[A Video Presentation by Dr.Purushothaman,
Director, Centre for Human Perfection, Kollam,
Kerala, India]
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“In the state of acceptance you see very clearly what needs to be done, and you take action, doing one thing at a time and focusing on one thing at time. Learn from nature. See how everything gets accomplished without dissatisfaction or unhappiness.”
Eckhart Tolle ~ The Power of Now
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