How to Overcome Fear & Anxiety – Vernon Howard (Full Version)

How to Overcome Fear – Vernon Howard (Full Version)

“A body came into the world, but it wasn’t you. Because you were unenlightened, you thought it was you. And everybody else said it was — so you swallowed it all. Cosmic energy came into the world, but it wasn’t you. You swear you were born, so therefore you think you are going to die; you fear that “you” are not going to continue. The purpose of this class is to withdraw such false information that you have about yourself, which causes fear.” – Vernon Howard ~ “Your Power Of Natural Knowing, p. 164”

About Vernon Howard:
Vernon Howard broke through to another world. He saw through the illusion of suffering and fear and loneliness. From 1965until his death in 1992 he wrote books and conducted classes which reflect a degree of skill and understanding that may beunsurpassed in modern history. Someone asked Vernon Howard once, “Who are you?” He replied, “I’m an ordinary man who discovered the extraordinary. His books have sold more than 8 million copies worldwide.
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