Neville Goddard The Implanted Word

Tonight’s subject is “The Implanted Word.” We are told to “Receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your soul” (James 1:21). Now we can take this on many levels. We can take it on this level, or a psychological level, or the ultimate, the spiritual level. And we’ll take it on all tonight. We read in the story, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1).

Now this word “logos,” which we translate as “word,” is translated in many ways in scripture. It’s called “the message,” it’s called “the child,” it’s called “the thing”—-oh, there are so many words—called “the promise.” So they’re the same word logos. And “The child that is to be born of you shall be called holy, the Son of God” (Luke 1:35). Well, that word “child” is logos, the same word that we translate in the beginning: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” It really means “a message.” Can you believe the message?

So I take it on this level. So the same word, as we’re told, the word or “the message that was preached to us, it’s the same message that was preached to them; but it did not benefit them, because it was not received with faith in the hearers” (Heb. 4:2). I can tell you something on this level and try to get you to believe it. Well, if you don’t believe it, it’s not going to prove itself at all, not in performance, if you don’t believe it. So you can take this from level to level to level.

The most fantastic story in the world is told man to transform man from a living soul into a life-giving being where he creates, where he actually is something with life in himself. He’s not being moved, an animated form. I can take a form and animate it, and do anything with it.

But if I can take that same form and get over to it a response where it accepts from me an idea, and I can plant in it as I would a tree—for if I receive in meekness this word and its called an ingrained, or it’s called something that is like…just like I would simply graft, an engrafted word—-well, if word means “a message,” word is “a meaning,” something with meaning, and I graft it. I know when I was a child my mother had the most wonderful garden. She loved a garden! I can see her on the outside, giving instructions to the gardener how to graft to this rosebush. He would take a little shoot, and he would simply insert it into the branch of the rosebush, and hope it would take root. If it took root, the bush that others thought should bear a certain flower, suddenly it came up and it bore the flower of the nature of the graft. You do that with a tree, any tree…if you could take a root, just a root, and simply insert it into the tree, and then it takes root in the tree, and when the tree blossoms, it blossoms and bears the fruit and the flower of the nature of the graft.

So the story here is that God will become man that man may become God. He will actually graft himself upon the tree of knowledge of good and evil that is man. For we ate of that tree, and eating of the tree we became that which we ate of. So we are trees of good and evil. He will engraft himself, which is the tree of life, and transform that tree of good and evil, and it becomes a tree of life…life within itself. That is the story.

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