Roswell Alien Interview Revisited ➱ Full Version Including Intro. & Postscript

Download the full transcript of The Roswell Alien Interview (PDF – 319 Pages):

Roswell Alien Interview Revisited ~ (Full Version Including Intro. & Postscript)

On July 7, 1947, an object crash landed on a ranch, approximately 75 miles northwest of Roswell, leaving a large field of debris. The local air base at Roswell investigated after the rancher first reported it to Roswell authorities on July 7. On July 8, the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) announced it had recovered a “flying disk”. A few hours after the initial “flying disk” press release, U.S. Army Air Force officials stated that it was not a UFO, but a weather balloon. When the question of what crashed was revived in the early 1980s, the “Roswell Incident” became a focus of conspiracy theorists, “abductees,” and UFO investigators. It is believed the crashed UFO’s were used for reverse engineering, explaining the rapid advancement in technology since that time.

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