Secrets Of The Human Cell – Part 2

Secrets Of The Human Cell

“The DNA from a single human cell contains about 3 billiion “letters.”

“If the DNA from all the cells in the human body was stretched out and laid end to end, it would reach to the moon and back – a distance of more
than 435,000 miles.”

Books – Bruce Lipton:

Biology Of Belief
Spontaneous Evolution

“Until now, this stored information has
been inaccessible to us except for initiates
of mystery schools, spiritual masters,
and holy persons dedicated to serving
the Light. Our human form is composed
of 12 physical strands of DNA and 12
corresponding spiritual strands, totaling
24 strands. The average person has only
one strand of DNA activated, which relates
to 10% brain use in humans. Herein lies
the reason why people use so little of their
brain capacity.”
-Cheryl Caccialanza

“Some biologist describe DNA as an
“ancient high biotechnology,” containing
“over a hundred trillion times as much
information by volume as our most
sophisticated information storage devices.”
Could one still speak of a technology in
these circumstances? Yes, because there is
no other word to qualify this duplicable,
information-storing molecule. DNA is only
ten atoms wide and as such constitutes a
sort of ultimate technology: It is organic
and so miniaturized that it approaches the
limits of material existence.”
Book: The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge
Jeremy Narby
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