Terence Mckenna – The Content And Value Of The Psychedelic Experience, Personal History

‘’The good news about psychedelics is that they are incredibly democratic, even the clueless can be swept along if the dose is sufficient ‘’ — TM —

‘’ Psychedelic dimension seems to be an exception, that it was as though the tidy world of European positivists culture derived from Calvinism and Greek science and so forth and so on had this umbilical point. This place where it was all tied together and if you untied it, it completely deflated and you were left staring into something analogous to William James description of an infant’s world. You were left staring into a blooming buzzing confusion. Well what is that, what are the implications of that? It wasn’t a confusion chaotic enough to be simply mind dissipated in to thermodynamic noise. I think a lot of people who’ve never taken psychedelics have the idea that it’s thermodynamic noise. That it’s just the brain isn’t working right its firing randomly and then some portion of it is trying desperately to leg gestalts of meaning in to this random firing , so you get this type of surreal careening from one suppose illusionary perception to another. This is not a very ABD or cogent description, actually these things reveal scenarios, modalities, hierophanies of emotional and poetic power that are very emotionally moving. ‘’ — TM —

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