Terence Mckenna – The Elves Are Meme Traders

”Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for insisting that the universe was infinite in all directions. he said no the stars and planets go on to infinity and they just said you know this is off the wall, only a demon could inspire a thought like this. but the transition that we were asked to make, that was the transition you see from certitude of dogma to secular existentialism, the transition that we’re being asked to me is somewhat similar but to my mind deeper more challenging more profound, its the shift from scientific certitude to a complete embracing of none closure. It’s a kind of maturity, you know what we are being asked to do is to grow up and there ain’t no free lunch. ”

So that the struggle to become a real human being is the struggle to give up having it actually make any sense ultimately. It was Robert Frost who said the secret of a happy life is learning to enjoy people who you don’t approve of , well you know there is something , what that means is that you are surrendering to life. ‘’

Painting by Luke Brown

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