Terence Mckenna – Why Do We Seek Meaning ?

‘’ First of all notice language, ordinary language what a weird thing it is and yet we do it with such great facility, almost all of us could do it. It’s a very severe impairment on your humanness if you are language deficient in a very serious way. blindness is as nothing to been seriously language deficient so forth and so on, so it’s really the defining thing for us and yet you know it’s almost like a half miracle. I mean you can study it there is no problem with getting vast samples of it, tape recordings you can analyse it syntactically there have been many theories of syntax, philosophies of syntax and yet what is it? How can we make meaning with such facility when the rest of nature seems totally unconcerned with this and what is meaning anyway why is it so important to us? We say if life has no meaning it’s not worth living. Well how do ants and bees and scallops stack up on that opinion, do they also feel that meaning is the quintessential aspect of reality?

It seems to have different modalities, for instance dance could have meaning, painting can have meaning, spoken of textual words could have meaning, but because of biases in ourselves as an organism what seems to have the most meaning is what we can see. We have a tremendously rich sense of visual input, well for some reason under the influence of these psychedelic drugs and certain exercises and who knows what else it takes to shake you out of your cage, but suddenly syntactical organisation which has been invisible in the background of the program of meaning becomes visible and you actually see the engines of syntax, you actually be hold of machinery of meaning it self and for some reason this is very satisfying, it’s like an ecstasy, it’s like an affirmation of some sort that is transcendental, there is a recognition in it that transcends the felt apperception of ordinary meaning. You know in other words that you are gazing somehow on the naked face of truth and beauty. ”

Painting by : Alex Grey

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