The Buddhist Way To Liberation – Alan Watts Chillstep Mix

This video is inspired by Alan Watts’ lecture – You Are The Whole Cosmos.

MP3 Version (No Ads):

Special thanks to all the artists. Your work is an inspiration.

Artist Credits:
Cash – Serenity Pt.3 | Ambient:
AK & Mapps – Life Essence:
AK – Waiting:
lost-fi – Another day:
Michael FK – Seclusion:
Dawncall – Live:
Passion (DAY 7 Remix):
Rameses B – Believing:
Day 7 – Cosmic Sailing:
Miro – The Garden of Escapism (AK Remix):
Ferven – Falling:
Aurora B. Polaris – Forgotten:


Lecture Without Music:

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I don’t own any piece of this work – the lecture, music and the artwork.

I hope you enjoy.

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