The Elusive Neutrino and The Nature Of The Cosmos

The neutrino is among the cagiest of particles, a subatomic wisp so ephemeral it could pass through light years of lead with more ease than a hot knife through butter. Despite its extraordinary abundance in the universe—billions pass through your body every second—this ghostly particle is notoriously difficult to trap, inspiring some of the most sophisticated detectors in science just to study it. A closer look could change everything. The elusive neutrino holds clues to some of the most profound questions in particle physics: What happened in the briefest moments after the Big Bang? Why does the universe contain more matter than antimatter? Join leading researchers as they chase neutrinos and other elusive particles in search of nature’s fundamental order.

This program is part of the Big Ideas Series, made possible with support from the John Templeton Foundation.

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Original program Date: June 1, 2012
PARTICIPANTS: Janet Conrad, Francis Halzen, Lawrence Krauss, John Robinson

Tiny Ghosts – Musical introduction by John Robinson 00:00

Bill Weir’s Introduction 3:48

Participant Introductions 5:00

Why are neutrinos important? 6:28

Why go to the antarctic to find neutrinos? 8:44

The ghost particle appears 11:50

Many didn’t believe in the neutrino. 16:20

Neutrinos from an atom bomb. 19:45

Ray Davis and his gutsy experiments. 24:08

Key predictions of the standard model. 28:30

Understanding neutrino oscillations. 31:49

Neutrinos and the Grand Unified Theory. 39:24

The supernova that led to neutrinos. 44:02

How do you measure the information from neutrinos. 53:29

A telescope under the ice? 57:00

What is the holy grail on neutrinos. 1:02:00

You can’t adjust nature just observe it. 1:07:32

The truth is stranger then star trek? 1:14:20

Can neutrinos move faster than light? 1:18:46
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