The Essene Christian Faith ~ The Untold Story of Christian Origins


The Essene Christian Faith ~ The Untold Story of Christian Origins (Dead Sea Scrolls)

“According to Thoth, the Essenes are a select group of Priest who initially came from Egypt. They were taught the secrets of the Universe by Akhenaten before his murder / disappearance during his 17 year rule. These men and women, of which there were 300 left Egypt in the middle of the night when Akhenaten disappeared. Taking their knowledge west.

For many centuries little was known about these people. How the lived and what they believed was mostly lost. It is known that Jesus of Nazareth spent many years with the Essenes and it was thought that his teachings were his own until the written history of these ancient people were found. The “Dead Sea Scrolls” as they have come to be known are a confirmation of many of the stories in the bible. Giving historical and archaeological evidence to what some say is legend.”

Where Did Christianity Really Come From?
“During my researches I have come across many further pieces of evidence that confirm a connection between a uniquely monotheistic pharaonic period (Akhenaten) in Egyptian history and the Essenes of Qumran, who lived a thousand years later and a thousand miles distant. As remarkable as this connection may appear to be, to date the relationship has been criticised but not refuted, and a number of eminent scholars have indicated that it begins to explain some anomalies in their own research.”


Who Were the Essenes?

Essene and Christian Parallels and Commonalties
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