The Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry Revisited ☮ Spirit Science 6

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“Goodness, this was driving me bonkers! The previous upload of SS6 was laggy and broken and the audio was out of sync,but it had 300,000 views?!?

So here is a fixed, without lag, audio in-sync, much sexier version of the original episode, in GLORIOUS 1080p!!!

If you’re interested in where alot of this information came from, check out the book “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life”, one of the most incredible reads you shall ever gaze your eyes upon!
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The flower of life is not only a pattern that is repeated everywhere through everything, it is also the means in whichwe come together as people and create our realities.

Imagine that you are a circle, and your friend is another circle. Through your coming together with someone, you create a current of energy between you two and the potentials double infinitely so.

It’s a pretty spectacular thing, the more you be with it, the more you study it, the more you realize that all is One, and One is All.”

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“The flower of life is a geometrical shape composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles arranged in a flower like pattern with six fold symmetry like a hexagon. The perfect form, proportion and harmony of the FOL has been known
to philosophers, architects and artist around the world. Pagans consider it to be sacred geometry containing ancient religious value depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. In the pagan sense, it is believed to contain a type of Akashic Record of basic information of all living things and is the visual expression of the connections of life that run through all sentient beings.”
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