The Great Arcanum – Kundalini and Twin Flames

The Great Arcanum – Kundalini and Twin Flames

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At the heart of every great mystical and religious tradition persists a secret, universal truth – The Great Arcanum (a great deep secret; mystery). Throughout history it has been expressly forbidden to reveal the secrets of The Great Arcanum to the public for it was a heresy (person who practiced or had knowledge of Hermetics).

As almost everyone has heard of the term “soul mate” not many have heard the term “twin flame”. Soul mates can be a lover, sister, brother, mother, father, your child / children or friend. It is a connection to your soul family with much love and understanding. A twin flame connection is a spiritual connection that is felt in the mind, body and soul through what is called a kundalini awakening.

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning life force energy that is coiled at the bottom of the spine. When you have met your twin flame, or have gone through a personal trauma or through proper techniques taught by a master, we can experience a kundalini awakening.

However it can take years to occur naturally.This bioelectrical energy “kundalini” is written about in the 5000 year old text “Mahabharata”, “Emerald Tablets”, the alchemical studies of the “Great Arcanum”. It is known as the 33 degree in Freemasonry because there are 33 vertebrates that the kundalini energy has to rise up, to get to the crown of the head where you become illuminated with the realization of god force energy that everything and everyone is connected to, in this reality. After all we are electric, and this is our most powerful bodily capability that leads to generating life force energy.

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