The Next Quantum Leap: Here, There, and Everywhere

Often viewed as “spooky” or downright bizarre, quantum mechanics is fueling a powerful new era of amazing technology. In this program, today’s top quantum physicists discuss the information shake-up underway—and predict when we can expect a quantum computer of our own.

This program is part of the Big Ideas Series, made possible with support from the John Templeton Foundation.

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Original Program Date: May 31, 2015
Host: Bill Blakemore
PARTICIPANTS: Artur Ekert, Daniel Gottesman, Seth Lloyd, Eleanor Rieffel

Quantum Physics Is Everywhere: A Quantum Comedy. 00:00

Participant Introductions. 04:48

Quantum teleportation… Beam me up Scotty. 06:11

The record distance of teleportation. 11:33

What is post selection time travel? 15:45

How is our quantum data protected? 17:27

How would quantum codes be unbreakable? 20:28

Quantum computers how close are we? 25:09

Quantum tunneling is happening today. 31:30

The array of problems that quantum algorithms may solve. 36:24

Quantum computation and how it’s different now. 40:08

What powers will quantum technology have ten years from now? 44:30

The amount of data we are collecting doubles every year. 47:15

Is it possible to have more than two particles entangled? 54:59
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