The Power Of Conscious Intention – Lynne McTaggart – Part 2

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The Power of Conscious Intention – Lynne McTaggart – Part 1

Apr 29, 2007

Lynne McTaggart, an investigative journalist, and editor of the newsletter “What Doctors Don’t Tell You,” began work on “The Field” four years ago as a personal quest. Her research took her to many areas around the globe, meeting with top frontier scientists in Russia, Germany, France, England, South American, Central America and the USA. During these meetings, she saw what these scientists were working on and it seemed to overthrow the current laws of biology, chemistry and physics. Their theories and experiments also compounded into a new science, a new view of the world.

Lynne McTaggart is the author of five books, including The Intention Experiment and the international bestseller The Field . She also runs worldwide Living The Field master classes and groups which are designed to help people adapt the ideas of the new scientific paradigm into their everyday lives, She was featured in the wildly successful cult classic movie What The Bleep!? Down The Rabbit Hole . And has become an international spokesperson on alternatives to conventional medicine.
In this interview,

Lynne McTaggart further discusses Merryn Jose her latest book the Intention Experiment as well as:

● Cleve Backster’s experiments with plants
● The study of monks and consciousness
● Intentional thoughts and increased performance in athletes
● and much more!

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Book Review On MerlianNews: The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart

“Science has recently began to prove what ancient myth and religion have always espoused: There may be such a thing as a life force. We are on the verge of another revolution in our understanding of the universe”
Arthur C. Clarke

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