Transparent Brain: Visible Thoughts

So you thought nobody could know what you’re thinking? Well, you’re right. For now. But fMRI brain research, identifying patterns linked to thoughts, is moving forward at a pace that’s surprising even experts. Host Brooke Gladstone joins leading neuroscientists for a state-of-the-art tour through research that’s closing in on an ability to make our thoughts visible. The program will also explore related research on brain controlled prostheses and the newly emerging field of neuro-ethics.

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Original Program Date: June 11, 2009
MODERATOR: Brooke Gladstone
PARTICIPANTS: John Donoghue, John-Dylan Haynes, Frank Tong, Paul Root Wolpe

Introduction 00:00

Participant Introductions 01:14

What is happening right now in neuroethics? 02:55

What is the value of this research? 12:17

Frank Tong on decoding visual images. 16:10

Will we ever be able to image what people are imagining? 25:20

John Donoghue on turning thoughts into actions. 33:03

What are the ethical issues of neuroethics? 44:09

Brain scanners and neuroimaging 55:37

Should our brains be entitled to complete privacy? 01:05:50

Is there a limit to what we can know about the brain. 01:15:03

How understanding science will make people feel more comfortable with what science is doing. 1:22:40
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