Your Imagination Questions Answered #2 – Synchronicity Podcast with Noah Lampert

Your imagination questions answered, part two.

Questions covered:

1. What does it actually feel like when you imagine? Is it like Vippassana and Metta meditations?

2. How do interpret and handle your relationship with cannabis?

3. Do we focus on one thing and do that over and over every night until it appears in our lives or do we do it once an accept it as done?

4. Can we visualize different things every night or should we focus on one thing at a time?

5. Been using the technique for years, sure it’s gonna happen then it doesn’t. WHAT GIVES!!!?

6. How and why does my physical body and my relationship to my body start to change when I use these techniques?

7. What do you do when you feel too much energy in waking life? Make me feel wobbly and off-balance, what do I do?

8. I’m a freelancer and want to handle my financial situation. Took time off to meditate and find myself and now it’s hard to find work. Expenses coming up. What do I do!?

9. How to overcome unconscious/subconscious programming and trauma?

10. What to do when I feel like giving someone unsolicited advice?

11. Not a visual thinker, but a verbal thinker. Will the techniques still work and what should I do?

12. Should I do the exercise for every wish once or do I need to keep doing them until it happens?
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